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4th January 2014:

The Forum

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“The forum?” I hear you say – what’s that?!

For a while now we’ve been trying to expand Revision Systems in different directions, both to improve the community and to improve our resources: because of this, we have created a forum that is publicly accessible and open to everybody!

The forum contains topics covering a vast number of subjects, from science to dance! Because the Revision Systems team is so small, there are only certain topics we can write about and answer questions on; however, the forum is open for all to contribute to, and therefore you can ask a question about a subject not covered on the main blog, and still get an answer.

What’s more, the forum also lets you post questions about homework and coursework, so there’s no longer any need to suffer alone!

Hold up though – it’s not all work! There’s also a section dedicated to talking about non-educational topics, and we’re also happy to accept suggestions on where to go next with both the forum and the website (there’s an area to discuss this too!)

With all this in mind, please head over to the forum now and sign up and begin contributing – it’s really what you make it: if everybody contributes just a little, it will become a thriving community and valuable source of information in no time! It’s completely free to create an account, and also easy: all you need is an email address!

The App

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Hello all! Starting from… Now, you can download the Revision Systems Reader app to your Android mobile completely free – best of all? It only takes 20 seconds, and allows you to access both the GCSE and AS level websites! Why should you download the app? It will allow you to revise wherever you are, on the go, without the need for pen, paper, or a computer! Simply open the app, and you will have access to all of the Revision Systems online content. From there on in, you are free to easily browse the website whenever is convenient for you.

Download it from the Play Store now.

Some features that are planned for the app:

  • Bookmark articles
  • Save articles for reading offline
  • Share articles with friends

The app is lightweight and easy to use, and we believe it will increase your productivity, by allowing you to do small amounts of revision regularly, improving your overall experience! Let us know if you have any suggestions!

4th October 2013:

Dear reader,

This year, Revision Systems is starting a new section dedicated to AS level content – due to this we will no longer be able to update our GCSE articles to reflect any changes in the GCSE syllabus. In light of this fact, we’re looking for a small number of writers to keep our current GCSE articles updated, as well as add any subject content that may be missing.

Revision Systems has already built up a large base of content, and as such, this task should not be time consuming at all, maybe requiring an hour to write a new article, and 10 minutes to update any old ones, and this only needs doing on a basis that works for you! We would like to emphasise that this task is neither as scary nor as difficult as it seems!

If you think you would be able to, or know somebody who could, help us keep our content accurate, up-to-date, and make sure that we have as much subject matter covered as possible, then please send us a message on Facebook, tweet us (@RevisionSystems) or email us directly at

Please note: Revision Systems, Inc. is provided to all users without charge, and everybody can reuse our content, and distribute it how they like – as such, all of our writers are volunteers.

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