Fuse Circuit Symbol

So, what is a fuse? What’s a circuit breaker? How does a fuse work? What’s the difference?! All of these are very relevant questions, and thankfully, all of them are relatively simple to answer, too. For the P2 exam, you need to know what a circuit breaker is, what a fuse is, how they work, when we use them, why we use them, and some advantages and disadvantages. So… Do you have some popcorn? Are you comfortable? If the answer to any of the previous two questions was ‘no’, then you might want to fix that and come back straight away!

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Electrical circuits are another section of many physics exams, and so we’re going to do a little bit of revision about them, this should be a fairly quick and easy read, but let us know all the same if you have any problems with it…

Everybody’s been doing basic electric circuits since primary school, making a light bulb light up, being annoying by constantly powering a buzzer, but some of the more complicated components don’t get introduced until later, and guess what: you need to know what they look like on a diagram!

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