Angles of Incidence and Refraction (Ray Diagram)


Light is the reason we can see anything, it reflects off an object and then bounces into our eyes, and voilà  We can see it! Light is the fastest thing we know of – in fact, with any luck, it is the fastest thing that can possibly be – it travels at about 300 million m/s in the air. Now, there are some people (like me!) who can’t see properly without glasses, the light bounces into my eyes the same as you, but it goes wrong there. So, why do we need lenses and how do they work?

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So, what is circular motion? Well: it’s when something moves… in a circle. So, now we’ve covered that, let’s all go back to Facebook and Twitter. Going now! Bye! Oh, wait? You need to know more than that? Like what causes it? Where it’s used in real life? What happens when it all goes wrong?

Well: in that case, you might as well get comfortable…

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