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French Tenses Cartoon


Être is an important verb. Why? Because “être” is the verb for “to be” – if nothing else, you should at least learn a I, he and you in the present tense. So here’s all of the conjugations of être in the present tense. I’ve highlighted the “important” ones – but it’s best to learn them all!

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This one catches everybody out, partly for the reason they sound almost exactly the same when you say them, but are spelt differently and have specific meanings. The best thing to do here is to learn when to use which tout/s/e/es. Even if you only learn one or two, at least you’ve bettered your chance of guessing the right one!

Here’s a quick guide covering each of the tout/tous/toute/toutes.

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Vegetables (Healthy Eating)

If you already have the title sussed, move right on – however, if you still think I’m talking about veg, keep on reading and I’ll explain everything… All 7 words! Hopefully the first three are familiar to you: “Français” is “French” in English, and “Le vocabulaire” is “(The) vocabulary”. It’s the next couple of words that may trip some people up. “Sur” can mean a few things in French, but in this context it means “on” – in the sense of it’s ‘about’ something. This works for other things as well: “Mon contrôle sur la météo” – “My assessment on the weather”. Finally we have the phrase “mode de vie”. If you remember any of the work you have done on clothing, you should remember that mode means “fashion”: “Fashion of Life” – doesn’t quite work, does it? However, in English we have another word similar to fashion… Style! “Style of life”: is this sounding more familiar? What if we swapped it around and got rid of the ‘of’… “Lifestyle”.

So there you have it. You’ve already learnt some more vocabulary:

Le mode de vie
Lifestyle (or more directly: way of life)

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